Whites Tree Frog Care Sheet

Whites Tree Frog Care Sheet

Common name : whites tree frog , dumpy tree frog 

Species name :  Litoria caerulea

Group or family : Litoria  

PR  keeper level : 3  

PR handler level : 2  

Species background or natural history : The whites tree frog is found in northern and  eastern Australia ,New Guinea , and also Indonesia . The whites tree frog has been one of the most popular tree frogs in the hobby , due to there hardy nature and impressive size .  

Physical description : The whites tree frog is usually blue, lime green, or dark green . The Indonesian locals usually get larger than Australians and are usually darker . As adults they sometime developed a fatty ridge over there eyes which gives them the dumpy name .  

Distribution : this species is found in northern and eastern Australia and Indonesia . 

Life span : whites tree frogs have a average life span of 15 years but have been know to live over 20 .  

Caging : you can keep this species in a 15 gallon tank or a bigger sized terrarium if you have more than one individual. Eco earth is a great choice of substrate for this species because it can hold humidity very well and if ingested it can be passed easier than bark prices .  

Cage decor : this species requires fake plants to minimize stress . They will often sleep inside the fake plants and will come out only at night to hunt . Grape wood is also great for this species since they enjoy sitting high above the ground . 

Temp : temperatures should be kept at 80° during the day and can drop down to 75° during the night .  

Heating and lighting : you can use a repti sun  5.0 for 12 hours a day and a heat pad on the wall of the enclosure to achieve the proper temperature.  

Humidity and water : this species should be kept at 60% humidity or higher . A big water bowl is a must this species loves soaking at night . The water used should always be dechlorinated . 

 Diet and feeding : this species can be fed crickets , meal worms , super worms , hornworms , and appropriate sized roaches . Over feeding is a big problem with this species so appropriate amounts of food are a must . 


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