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Sandblasted Grapewood

Sand Blasted Grapewood is light, branchy, and great looking in tropical or desert environments. Each piece is made from 100% agricultural grapewood thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Branchy or logs are...

Zoo Med Habba Hut

Painted Reptile Notes: This is a natural alternative to plastic or resin hiding areas. Zoo Meds Habba Hut adds privacy to any reptile terrarium. A perfect way to help reptiles...

Pacific Tumbled Grapewood

Pacific grapewood is a great, tropical looking decorative wood. Each piece is thoroughly cleaned, then sanitized by heat treating it to 200 degrees. 100% agricultural grapewood from California. Size: 6"...

Jungle Gym

Made from California Grapewood. Designed to provide secure, safe climbing branches. A natural addition to any terrarium. Size: 9" x 8" (size can vary a bit) Note: *Natural Grapewood varies...

Palm Hides

  Painted Reptile Notes: These palm hides are a great way to add a naturalistic look to any reptiles space. These single size hides are a perfect fit for any...

Fluker's Critter Cavern

Painted Reptile Notes: Fluker's Critter Cavern is an all natural wood, half-log hideout that provides reptiles and small animals security and shade. Made in the U.S.A. The small measures 4...