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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

Zoo Meds Forest Floor is a natural cypress mulch substrate. It provides your terrarium with a natural "forest floor" look while retaining moisture to provide humidity to the enclosure. Check...

Zoo Med Repti Bark

Zoo Meds Repti Bark is made from the bark of fir trees. The perfect substrate for humidity loving reptiles due to its ability to absorb moisture and then release it...

Zilla Bedding Jungle Mix

Reptiles from tropical and forest environments will feel instantly comfortable with the Jungle Mix's loamy scent, soft texture and 100% natural composition. The blend of sphagnum moss and fir shavings...

Zilla Ground English Walnut Shells (Desert Blend)

Recreate a reptile’s desert habitat with attractive, 100% natural ground English walnut shell. Ground to a uniform size, this bedding provides a comfortable home for desert-dwelling reptiles by retaining heat....

Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

Provides a safe, naturalistic substrate that allows snakes, lizards, and small animals to form burrows and nests as they would in the wild. It has a 191% absorbency rating and...

Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose

Painted Reptile Notes: This is one of those products that are great for almost any reptile or amphibian, especially burrowing pets! It's soft and holds humidity very well! We use...

Galapagos Royal Pillow Moss 8 Quart

Painted Reptile Notes: Clumps of beautiful pillow moss ideal for decorating living vivariums. We also offer beautiful waterfalls and backgrounds for your terrarium, if it needs a little extra humidity!...

Painted Reptile Cypress Bedding

Painted Reptile Notes:  Cypress bedding is another universal substrate to use in reptiles cages. It can be used for many different reptiles and provides a natural environment for the animal...

Zoo Med Hydro Balls

HydroBalls™ Expanded Clay Terrarium Substrate can be used as a base layer underneath a coconut fiber substrate or other substrates to create an underground water table in a terrarium. Add...

Zoo Med Eco Earth Bricks

Eco Earth is a compressed coconut fiber that is ideal for burrowing animals. It can be used to increase humidity in an enclosure. 1 brick makes about 7 - 8...

Exo Terra Moss Mat

Painted Reptile Notes: We love The Exo Terra Moss Mat because of how simple it is to use and clean. It looks great in our reptile cages and can be...

Gentle Touch Aspen Pellet Pet Bedding 40 lb

Not only is Gentle Touch Aspen Pellet Small Animal Bedding is some of the safest bedding for reptiles,i it can also be used for other small animals, such as rabbits,...