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Zoo Med Wipe Out

Painted Reptile Facts : Terrarium and small animal cage disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer. It is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing terrariums and otheranimal enclosures. Wipe Out kills Salmonella choleraesis...

Cold Life Sifting Scoop

Painted Reptile Notes: This ultra tough, nylon-based scoop is designed to easily sift through and remove soiled substrate. Dishwasher safe. Check out all our available specialty caging options for all...

Provent A Mite

Painted Reptile Facts: Cage spray for mites and ticks Need a new pet to keep you company? Check out our huge selection of reptiles, amphibians and more! BUY MORE AND...

Marineland Aquarium Sealant

Painted Reptile Notes: 100% Clear Silicone Rubber. Stays flexible. Wont crack or shrink. Waterproof seal. Harmless to reptiles and fish Size: 30 ml (1 US FL OZ) If you are...

F10SCXD Veterinary Cleaner-Sanitizer

F10SCXD Veterinary Cleaner-Sanitizer is an EPA approved hospital grade cleaner. It is used in many of the world�s leading veterinary hospitals and zoological institutions as well as by leading reptile,...

Fluker's Repta-Boost Insectivore Carnivore Formula

Repta-Boost is a high energy supplement specially formulated to provide "that extra energy boost" for recently acquired animals, young fast growing animals, reproductively active animals, or animals on limited diets....

Nature Zone Mite Guard Powder

Powder for cage and bedding. Check out the rest of our site for all your reptile and supply needs! We have one of the largest assortments of reptile products for...

Nature Zone Turtle Eye Vitamins 2oz

Painted Reptile Notes: We love Nature Zone Turtle Eye Vitamins for the prevention of eye disorders. Provides a full regime of vitamins to prevent eye problems like swollen or puffy...

Nature Zone Turtle Fungus Bath

Painted Reptile Notes: Here at Painted Reptile we use this fungus bath for the prevention & treatment of fungus/bacterial infections. Made from natural essential oils. A natural botanical remedy made...

Nature Zone Turtle Shell Saver

Painted Reptile Facts: We love to use this moisturizer and conditioner for shell. Protein-rich moisturizer and conditioner for turtle and tortoise shells. Improves shell strength and healing. Quickly makes the...

Prozap Large No Pest Strip

Painted Reptile Notes: Kills flying and crawling insect pests (including mites and ticks) Size: 2.8 ounces Check out the rest of our site for all your reptile and supply needs!...

Tetra ReptoGuard

Painted Reptile Facts: Time-release sulfa block helps to control a variety of disease-causing organisms, including salmonella, for the safety of pets and owners. Each turtle-shaped block treats up to 20...