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Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons are excellent starter lizards due to their friendly inquisitive nature. They are relatively easy to take care of. Simply supply them with food and required nutrients, make sure...

Armadillo Lizard

This is a diurnal lizard that likes to hide in rocks and crevices. They can live up to 10 years in captivity and lives in social groups of 30 to...

Desert Iguana

These are beautiful lizards that are most commonly found in the Mojave and Sonora desert. They are a herbivorous species that grows to be up to 16 inches long including...

Eastern Collared Lizard

These very lizards are the state reptile of Oklahoma, they are a species of lizard that grow up to a foot long and are able to run on their hind...

Giant Hispaniolan Galliwasp

These are a captive bred gem, they are small now but will get to be a great size. Contact us today to get one of your own!

Mali Uromastyx

This desert species is a captive bred gem, they come from the desert and have great burrowing capabilities. They can display beautiful colorations and are relatively easy to keep. Mali...