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Welcome to the Painted Reptile, the home of Creature Carpets, Croc Carpets, and the Creature Condos cage line.  Here is where you can find all the products, animals and feeders we have to offer.  Painted Reptile offers only the highest quality captive bred reptiles and amphibians and stocks all the latest morphs. We also test, develop and create high end reptile products. Please look around at everything we have to offer. Animals and products are updated daily. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for weekly deals and updates! We also have an Animal Want List, so if you are looking for something rare, let us know and we will track it down for you.

Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

Provides a safe, naturalistic substrate that allows snakes, lizards, and small animals to form burrows and nests as they would in the wild. It has a 191% absorbency rating and...

Fluker's Critter Cavern

Painted Reptile Notes: Fluker's Critter Cavern is an all natural wood, half-log hideout that provides reptiles and small animals security and shade. Made in the U.S.A. The small measures 4...

Dubia Dish

Painted Reptile Facts: Dubia Dishes were designed for feeding your reptiles Dubias and worms without easily escaping! The ultra smooth sides helps prevent smaller dubias and worms from crawling out...

Exo Terra Abutilon Silk Jungle Vines

Painted Reptile Facts: Extremely realistic replicas of real plants Easy to clean and maintain Can be used in conjunction with real plants Creates natural hiding spots for reptiles and amphibians...

Exo Terra Glo Mushrooms Hideout

Painted Reptile Notes: The Exo Terra Glow Mushrooms add an exciting accent to any terrarium, during the day as well as at night. In nature decaying wood is regularly used...

Harmless Snakes of the West

Painted Reptile Notes: By Brian Hubbs. Paperback Check out the rest of our site for all your reptile and supply needs! We have one of the largest assortments of reptile...

Zilla Bedding Jungle Mix

Reptiles from tropical and forest environments will feel instantly comfortable with the Jungle Mix's loamy scent, soft texture and 100% natural composition. The blend of sphagnum moss and fir shavings...

Zoo Med Habba Hut

Painted Reptile Notes: This is a natural alternative to plastic or resin hiding areas. Zoo Meds Habba Hut adds privacy to any reptile terrarium. A perfect way to help reptiles...

Zilla Ground English Walnut Shells (Desert Blend)

Recreate a reptile’s desert habitat with attractive, 100% natural ground English walnut shell. Ground to a uniform size, this bedding provides a comfortable home for desert-dwelling reptiles by retaining heat....

Exo Terra Reptile Cave

Painted Reptile Notes: These caves provide a natural, secure hiding place for reptiles. Very stable and easy to clean. Sizes and Specs: Sm 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2"...

Zoo Med Economy Dual Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

Painted Reptile Notes: We also offer beautiful waterfalls and backgrounds for your terrarium, if it needs a little extra humidity! Check out our full site to see all our beautiful...

Galapagos Royal Pillow Moss 8 Quart

Painted Reptile Notes: Clumps of beautiful pillow moss ideal for decorating living vivariums. We also offer beautiful waterfalls and backgrounds for your terrarium, if it needs a little extra humidity!...
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