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Zoo Med Repti Therm Under Tank Heaters

    The Repti-Therm line of under tank heaters are designed to heat the ambient (inside) air temperature of your terrarium a minimum of 5-10 degrees warmer than room temperature....

Zilla Mini Halogen Bulb

Painted Reptile Notes: For healthy light and essential warmth, few bulbs offer better long term performance than Zilla Mini Halogen Bulbs. High intensity output, energy-efficiency, and compact size make this...

Kane Poly Heat Mat

Painted Reptile Notes: Kane Heat mats are some of the highest quality available anywhere. They are made of high density polyethylene and lose no heat on the bottom side making...

RBI Radiant Heat Panel

Painted Reptile Notes: There are some great features in the RBI heat panels. Can't burn your animal! Material doesn't crack or fade. Easy to clean. Mounting screws included. Under 2...

Exo Terra Heat Pads "Heatwave"

The Desert substrate heater simulates heated sand beds by the sun in deserts. The amount of hours a day and the strength of the sun in these regions can generate...

Exo Terra Heat Cable

The Exo Terra Heat Cable allows to provide heat right where necessary. It is best used underneath the Exo Terra Terrarium to heat specific spots on the terrarium floor or...

Fluker's Heat Pad

Fluker's Premium Heat Mat is easy to use and safe for all reptiles and amphibians. It's durable construction provides uniform, evenly distributed heat that operates at a constant 100 degrees...

Zoo Med Rock Heater

Zoo-Med rock heaters are built to last and are designed to have no "hot spots," making them more effective and less likely to cause burns. A great secondary heat source...

Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable

Repti Heat Cable allows you to put the heat right where you need it. Wrap it around branches or cage furniture! Use it underneath the tank or in breeder racks!...

Zoo Med Repti-Therm Habitat Heater

Industrial Strength Heater for Heavy Tortoises and other Large Reptile Cage Applications. 120 Volt, 40 watt heater with LED light totell you when the heater is "on". Automatic thermostat protection...