Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

Common name : leopard gecko 


Species name :  Eublepharis macularius


Group or family :  Eublepharis


PR  keeper level : 3


PR handler level : 3


Species background or natural history : this species is probably the number one pet gecko on the planet. This species has gotten extremely popular in last few years , resulting in many different morphs .


Physical description : this species is a heavy bodied gecko with fat tails and bumpy skin . They come in many different color morphs and get 8-10 inches in length with males being heavier than females.


Distribution : this species is found in the deserts and arid grasslands of Pakistan , India , and Afghanistan . 


Life span : if cared for properly this species can live 15 - 20 years . 


Caging : this species will thrive in a 10 - 15 gallon tank its entire life . More than one male should never be kept together . Breeding pairs and more than one female can be kept together in a larger tank. 


Cage decor : A rock hide on the hot side should be used as well as a humid hide on the cool end of the tank. A water bowl should always be kept filled with fresh water . This species can be kept on a repti carpet , sand or even paper towl. 


Humidity and water : this species needs no humidity due to the desert environments they come from . A water bowl should always be kept filled with fresh water for them to drink from .


Diet and feeding : this species can be fed crickets , meal worms , and roaches of the appropriate size . 


Supplements : this species needs calcium with d3 once a week . 


Breeding : in order to breed a male and female must be paired up. 


Handling your new pet : this species is great for handling die to there calm nature and slow movements . When handling they should be kept low to the ground just I case they run of your hand . 

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