Jackson's Chameleon Care Sheet

Jackson's Chameleon Care Sheet

Common name : Jackson chameleon 


Species name :   Trioceros jacksonii


Group or family :  Trioceros


PR  keeper level : 5


PR handler level : 6 


Species background or natural history : this chameleon species has been one of the most popular chameleon species for the last few years . Males have 3 horns coming out of there forehead which is one of the reasons why they have been a hobby favorite for so long . 


Physical description : this species is a midsize chameleon species with adults reaching 10-13 inches . This species is overall a light green color with some individuals sometimes having hints of blue . Males of this species have 3 horns like a triceratops and females have a single horn .  


Distribution : this species is native to east Africa and are now an invasive species on several Hawaiian islands .


Life span : this species can live up to 10 years with females usually having shorter lifespans .


Caging : this species should be kept in an appropriate sized screen cage like a zoomed repti breeze .


Cage decor : this species needs a lot of branches with a lot of fake foliage and vines or  a live ficus tree. 


Heating and lighting : this species needs Uvb and a 85 degree basking spot which can be achieved by using a 75 watt basking bulb . 


Humidity and water : this species needs 60-80% humidity and also needs to get sprayed at least two times a day which is when they'll drink water from the leaves and screen of the enclosure .


Diet and feeding : this species can eat crickets , waxworms , horn worms , giant mealworms , and appropriate sized roaches .


Supplements : this species needs calcium at least once a week . 


Breeding : in order to breed a female must be paired up with a male for a few days and then separated .


Handling your new pet : chameleons get very easily stressed so you shouldn't handle a chameleon unless you really have to. 


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