Asian Forest Scorpion Care Sheet

Asian Forest Scorpion

Common name : Asian forest Scorpion  

Species name :  Heterometrus spinifer 

Group or family :  heterometrus  

PR  keeper level : 4  

PR handler level : 5  

Species background or natural history : the Asian forest scorpion is one of the most popular pet scorpions , due to they're impressive size , ease of care , and availability . 

Physical description : the Asian forest scorpion is one of the larges Scorpion species rivaling the emperor scorpions size . The Asian forest reaches lengths of up to 5 inches . They have huge pincers and seem black but are actually a dark blue .  

Distribution : this species can be found  throughout south east Asia ,and are usually found under logs . 

Life span  :  this species lives 7 - 8 years . 

Caging : Babys can be kept in Kritter keepers and can be moved up to a ten gallon tank ass they reach adult size . 

Cage decor : A log or a piece of cork bark  should be used so the scorpion can have a place to hide . Rock and fake plants can also be used for more cover to reduce stress  

Heating and lighting : this species doesn't need any lighting , but a heat of may be necessary depending on your local weather . This species should be kept at 75-85 degrees . 

Humidity and water : this species should be kept at 70 -80% humidity , and should always have a small shallow water dish to drink from . 

Diet and feeding : this species can be fed appropriate sized crickets , worms , and roaches. 

Supplements : scorpions do not need any supplements .  

Breeding : in order to breed , this species must be paired up . 

Handling your new pet : this species is nervous and semi aggressive so handling isn't advised . 

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