African Fat tailed Gecko Care Sheet

African Fat Tailed Gecko Care Sheet

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Common name : African fat tail gecko  

Species name :  Hemitheconyx  caudicinctus

 Group or family :  Hemitheconyx

 PR  keeper level : 3

 PR handler level : 3 

Species background or natural history : the fat tail gecko is a very popular gecko due to its hardy nature and easy care .  

Physical description : fat tail geckos are brown with tan or white banding on there backs and have very thick tails . They resemble a leopard gecko but are a little heavier bodied .

 Distribution : this species is found in west Africa .

 Life span : this species can live 10 -15 years if cares for properly .  

Caging : this species can be housed in a 10 gallon tank .

 Cage decor : this species needs high humidity so substrate such as Eco earth is needed . This species needs several hides some they sleep most of the day . 

 Heating and lighting : this species needs a thermostat controlled under tank heat pad with a hot spot of 90 degrees. This species does not need uvb although  in can be beneficial . 

 Humidity and water : this species should be kept at 60% humidity and should always have a water bowl with fresh water .

 Diet and feeding : this species can be fed crickets , wax worms , meal worms , giant mealworms , and appropriate sized roaches . 

 Supplements : this species needs calcium with d3 once a week .  

Breeding : in order to breed you must pair them up during breeding season.  

Handling your new pet : this species is great for handling . When handling make sure the gecko is held low to the ground just incase it runs of your hands.

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