African Bull Frog Care Sheet

African Bull Frog Care Sheet

Common name : giant African bullfrog , pixie frog 

Species name :  pyxicephalus adspersus

Group or family :  pyxicephalus

PR  keeper level : 4

PR handler level : 5

Species background or natural history : the pixie frog is one of the most popular pet frogs due to the amazing size they attain and the awesome display animals they are . This species is the second biggest frog species on the world . 

Physical description : the pixie frog is a green frog with a white stomach and they have   very round plump body's , with a huge mouth  and a wrinkly back . Males can easily get to weigh 3 pounds and be 9 inches from snout to vent ! Unlike most frogs , females are actually smaller than males and almost half the size .  

Distribution : pixie frogs are found in sub tropical or tropical dry scrublands throughout Angola , Botswana ,  Malawi , Mozambique , Kenya , South Africa ,  Tanzania , Swaziland , Zambia , Tanzania Zimbabwe , and Namibia . 

 Life span : pixie frogs live 15 years or more .  

Caging : as baby's they can be kept in a 10 gallon tank and will need to be upgraded to bigger sizes tanks as they grow . This species should always be housed alone . 

Cage decor :  coconut fiber is a great substrate for this species . Fake plants can are not needed but can be used .  

Heating and lighting : no lighting is required but a 5.0 Uvb can be used . A heat pad may be needed depending on where you are located in order to keep the terrarium at 75 - 85 degrees .

 Humidity and water : this species always needs a water bowl big enough for them to soak and submerge in . The humidity should be kept at 60 percent or higher .  

Diet and feeding : this species is very prone to obesity due to their huge appetite and will try to eat anything that moves . Babys can be started on crickets and other feeder bugs . As they get bigger they can be switched over to mice or rats of the appropriate size .

 Supplements : calcium with d3 should be used once a week .

 Breeding : in order to breed you  need a rain chamber that simulates the heavy summer rains in there natural habitat. 

Handling your new pet : handling shouldn't really be done because frogs have very sensitive skin that should remain


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